Pet Teezer Detangling
Pet Teezer Detangling

Pet Teezer Detangling

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The new brother of the Tangle Teezer is ideal for our animals!Thanks to its innovative structure (long and short bristles), the Pet Teezer makes it easy to untangle knots in the fur (including the undercoat) and remove loose and excess hair and dirt particles from the fur.The Pet Teezer can be used on dry, wet or muddy fur.Thanks to the new design, the Pet Teezer also feels great in the hand.

Which Pet Teezer is right for my dog?

You can achieve a nice result with both Pet Teezers.The Pink Pet Teezer (Detangling) is best suited for fine hair to detangle the fur, while the Lilane Pet Teezer (De-Shedding) is more suitable for thicker fur to loosen the undercoat.

We now have the Pet Teezer Mini in our range for puppies and small dogs.

Cats and horses are also impressed by the Pet Teezer, give it a try!

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