rope collar 'Marinera'
rope collar 'Marinera'
rope collar 'Marinera'
rope collar 'Marinera'

rope collar 'Marinera'

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Our Marinera collarconsists of a noble combination of Biothane (navy blue) and Tau (PPM). This combination makes the adjustable collar very robust. The Biothane adapter and the rope made of PPM - a weatherproof material - can be easily cleaned with water.

Collar inner size:

XS, 1.5 cm wide: 20 - 28 cm

S1, 1.5 cm wide: 26 - 34 cm

S2, 2 cm wide: 26 - 34 cm

M, 2 cm wide: 32 - 40 cm

L, 3 cm wide: 38-46 cm

XL, 3 cm wide: 44 - 52 cm

From size L, the collar is laid three times with a rope (3 cm wide).

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