Golden Night Leash
Golden Night Leash

Golden Night Leash

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Rope leash made of PPM rope (weatherproof) optionally with two adjustment options or with a fixed hand strap and silver carabiners.The rigging is made of cork, a vegan and natural material.We have deliberately chosen the warning color yellow ("Please keep your distance") for this line.It is therefore perfect for training.


We always adjust the strength of the rope and the size of the leash to the size of the dog.

Custom-made products are possible on request.

Small dog up to 12 kg - 8 mm wide + small scissor carabiners

Medium-sized dog - 10mm wide + large scissor carabiners

Large dogs over 25 kg or dogs that pull strongly on the leash - 12 mm thick rope + reinforced carabiner (gold and rose gold = bolt carabiner.Silver = scissor carabiner) The length is measured in the open position.

Is your desired size not included?Simply contact us by email to receive your desired size.

Please keep an eye on your pet when wearing accessories.Bellkami is in no way responsible for damage caused by improper use of the goods.

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