Myokee HAPPY Hokkaido Squash, Rosehip and Barley Grass

Myokee HAPPY Hokkaido Squash, Rosehip and Barley Grass

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Deliciously scented vital substance bomb conjures up 5 applications in the dog kitchen with added value in no time at all.

FRÖHLICHER is a naturally yellow mood enhancer made from finely ground pumpkin, rose hip and barley grass in certified organic quality.

100% natural I food quality I vegan I more enjoyment

0% added sugar I artificial flavors I additives and GLUTEN-FREE!

The yellow MYOKEE brings healthy variety for up to 18 days in every food bowl.

Yesterday a quick vegetable and fruit serving BARF . today a tasty one Dog smoothie and healthy ingredient at DIY dog biscuit / ice cream . Tomorrow as varied Topping added to the feed.Or as Drinking aid the dry food with smoothie upgrade.

5 applications for more natural diversity and time.

On top of that, MYOKEE's are a 100% natural source of vitamins, minerals / fiber, secondary plant substances and antioxidants in certified organic food quality and very good usability.

Developed with veterinarians, nutritionists and dog owners, MYOKEE consciously refrains from using medicinal herbs and uses a maximum of 5 ingredients.

Just right for that daily use and for Intestinal sensitive & allergy suffered dogs.

Contents: 40 g

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