<transcy>Biothane Deluxe collar</transcy>
<transcy>Biothane Deluxe collar</transcy>
<transcy>Biothane Deluxe collar</transcy>

Biothane Deluxe collar

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Our adjustable Biothane Deluxe The collar is made of a weatherproof and comfortable material.

The collar is braided decoratively on one side and is adorned with a decorative ribbon to match the fittings.

Biothane is a robust material and a good alternative to leather. It is also very easy to clean with water. The fittings for the collar can be chosen in rose gold, gold or silver.


XS, 1.5 cm wide: 20 - 28 cm

S1 , 1.5 cm wide: 26 - 34 cm

S2, 2 cm wide: 26 - 34 cm

M, 2 cm wide: 32 - 40 cm

L, 2.5 cm wide: 38-46 cm

XL, 2.5 cm wide: 44 - 52 cm

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