Material and care

Here you will find information on the selected materials that we use to manufacture our accessories, as well as tips and information on how to care for the products.

All leashes and collars are made by hand in Germany with a lot of passion. Each product is therefore unique! We also make 100% vegan leashes and collars upon request. These are made of weather-resistant materials, polypropylene multifilament (PPM for short), Biothane, cotton rope or hemp rope.

Our leashes are usually 2x adjustable and therefore extremely practical, as you can regulate and adjust the length as desired. Custom-made lengths are possible on request.

Our adjustable rope collars are closed with a Biothane adapter. The collars can be adjusted in size as required. The double-layered rope ensures that it is comfortable to wear around the dog's neck. For dogs with a neck circumference of more than 40 cm, we recommend a 3-fold rope (from size L).

Our Stuff

PPM (polypropylene multifilament)

It is a weatherproof rope with the following properties:

- Very light and comfortable material
- Extremely robust
- Non-toxic, safe for humans and animals (OEKO-TEX))
- No quick pollution
- Don't fault
- Does not absorb water
- UV-resistant

Care: Our rope products can be hand washed.


Biothane is a good leather alternative with the following properties:

- Extremely robust and vegan material
- Light and comfortable material
- No quick pollution
- Non fault / antibacterial
- Does not absorb water
- UV resistant (no color fading)
- High abrasion resistance

Care: Our Biothane products can be hand washed.

oiled leather
We only use oiled leather from the EU. The vegetable tanned greased leather is a very pleasant material. It lies well in the hand and adapts smoothly to the dog's neck. The special feature is the patina, which develops over time and makes each product unique.
Care: Our oiled leather products do not require extensive care. If the product is heavily soiled, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth (lukewarm water).. For the purpose of moisturizing, the product can be rubbed with leather oil as required to keep it nice and supple.
For drying, the product should not be dried with heat (heating, etc.), this can damage the material.
cotton rope
We use cotton rope for our woofballs and to make leashes and collars. It is a biodegradable material. We source our cotton rope exclusively from Europe.
Care: Our cotton products can be hand washed.
hemp rope
Our hemp rope is also a completely natural and biodegradable product. The hemp rope is also very robust and has a special look. Our hemp rope is produced regionally in Germany.
Care: Our hemp products can be hand washed.
We use brass, stainless steel and die-cast zinc fittings to manufacture our leashes and collars. Various color combinations are possible.
Our recommendation:
Small scissor carabiners = small dogs up to 10 kg
Large scissor carabiners = medium sized dogs
Bolt carabiners are available upon request.
For larger dogs from 25 kg and/or dogs that are not on a leash, we recommend reinforced fittings (we can use these for your product for a small surcharge.)
ATTENTION: This is our recommendation, every dog owner knows his dog best and should decide accordingly.
We make everyday products. Our leashes are not suitable for sporting use (e.g. for towing, etc.).
Care: For frequent use in the sand, we recommend rinsing out the carabiners with water after the walk. If a carabiner jams or squeaks after a while, it can be treated with lubricant.
Colored fittings (such as rose gold and black) can fade or peel over time and acquire a "used look". For frequent use in/on salt water, we recommend brass or stainless steel fittings.
Please make sure that your dog does not chew on the leash. If your dog damages the leash (e.g. minor damage to the rigging), we can repair the leash for a small fee (depending on the effort involved).
Please keep an eye on your pet when wearing accessories. Bellkami is in no way responsible for damage caused by improper use of the goods.