Measure neck size

Measurement instructions for custom-made products (tag collars, retriever leashes, fixed collars, loops)

So that the product fits well on the dog's neck, it is important for us that you tell us the exact neck circumference of the dog. The neck circumference should be measured directly on the dog's neck with a tape measure at the point where the product is to sit later. The dog should stand up best.
Then share the tight fitting Neck circumference in cm (if possible, do not push your fingers between the neck and the measuring tape). During production, we add a few centimeters (depending on the product) to the stated circumference so that the product does not fit too tightly.
We would ask you not to tell us the length of the old collar in the open state as the neck circumference, as the actual inner dimension can vary depending on the material.
What collar width do I need for my dog??
If you are not sure which collar width is suitable for your dog, you can use your dog's nose as a guide. Ideally, the collar should be at least as wide as your dog's nose.
Example: if your dog has a 1.5 cm wide nose, the collar should be at least 1.5 cm wide.
Exception: For dogs with a very long neck (greyhounds), we always recommend wider collars. Take a look at oursGreyhound collars at.
We would be happy to make a custom-fit collar for your dog if you can't find what you're looking for on the website.
Write us ae-mail if you still have questions.